I am interested to get involved because it is such an easy way to help people who live in poverty. My mom is a single mother and has been my whole life. I may not understand what it’s like to live in extreme poverty, but I do understand and have been through what it’s like to not be able to get the candy or toy from the store when I was little. I do understand that buying groceries and paying the bills is more important than going to the movies or going shopping. From a young age my mother talked to me about why we could only occasionally get the extra things that we wanted. I grew up learning that I have to work for what I want and that I can’t expect it to be handed to me on a silver platter. I love helping other people and I always put family and close friends as my number one priority. So many people in my life have helped my mom and I by paying for the couple things we couldn’t afford,’or taking care of me when my mom had to work extra shifts. And it’s time for me to pay it forward and spread positivity and hopefulness to people around the world who do not have as much as I do, and I’m so happy I found #letsendpoverty because it’s such an easy way to help millions of people. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!