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I’m interested in getting involved because I love what this organization is trying to do. So many people here in the United States don’t understand how truly blessed we are. We don’t have to worry about walking five miles every day in order to get water for our family, we don’t have to worry about […]


In November, I traveled to India with the humanitarian group, Youth Making A Difference. While we were over there we were teaching English to first generation students who were extremely impoverished. I grew to love them so much, and it makes my soul and heart ache knowing that so many people around the world have […]


I have been doing volunteer work since I was in eighth grade. At first, I was doing it just to get volunteer hours for a club but then I saw how much I liked helping people. Ever since then, I have been a very active member in my community. However, the summer of 2014 was […]


I volunteer at the Provo Food and Care Coalition and support and help with local food and clothes drives. I want to find a way to make service a huge part of my life. I love exercise and health, so I’ve thought about organizing races and giving all the profit to charities, I just want […]


In July 2014, I went to South Africa on a humanitarian trip. I got to see first hand the poverty that people live in. It was such a good experience to help out others and to see the joy in their faces when we completed a big project for them. All I want is to […]


I am interested to get involved because it is such an easy way to help people who live in poverty. My mom is a single mother and has been my whole life. I may not understand what it’s like to live in extreme poverty, but I do understand and have been through what it’s like […]


I have always wanted to be involved in something like this. I have been looking to go on a humanitarian trip to Africa for the past couple of years. that’s still part of my plan. I would love to get involved in let’s end poverty because if seems like an amazing opportunity to help those […]


As I said before, I love service! Last summer I went on a humanitarian trip to Peru, and it was the greatest decision I have ever made! I loved every single second of it and I miss the people and the work every single day. I love any chance to do service or humanitarian work, […]


Last summer I went to Costa Rica to help out in an orphanage. The expirence changed my life! Ever since then I have wanted to make a difference, but I haven’t known how. Now I know and I’m exciting to get involved!!


A manager from your organization gave a PowerPoint Presentation on your company and all that it does for people! It really opened my eyes on how much poverty there is in the world and how easy it can be to lend a hand!