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I found a love for serving and helping others when I went to Fiji last summer. I am so blessed and I realize that I can use some of my blessings to help others. I can make a difference in other peoples lives!


I was in Natural Helpers, Key Club and Latinos in Action. We did all kinds of humanitarian projects. Like fundraisers to buy supplies for low income students, or to help someone in the community. Since I graduated high school I drifted apart from all of this and I want to be involved in helping others […]


I am interested in getting involved because I love helping people. I love doing things for my community and bringing a smile to people’s faces. I have been eternally grateful and blessed for the things I have and I want to give back and spread the word to end poverty. I think its a brilliant […]


I am interested in getting involved because I love being involved with things. Also I love researching and learning about charities and organizations and then finding ways I can help. I love people as learning about cultures. Service makes me happy!


I have always been interested in humanitarian work and love to do service. I dont have to much time on my hands so that is why i think being a social advocate would be perfect way to get involved and help end poverty.


I am incredibly interested in getting involved because I love doing what I can to help other people and I am positive that I have what it takes to pull off a large clothing and book drive. Also the opportunity to go on a humanitarian expedition would definitely be one of the most incredible experiences […]


I’ve wanted to become involved in an organization like this one for a long time. I believe service and community service is one of the direct paths to happiness! And when I heard about this one I was inspired! Plus it looks good on a resume and who doesn’t love scholarship opportunities!


I have been looking for ways to help out, in the community and the world. However, being in a leadership position on my school’s dace team makes it very difficult to help because they require extensive hours during the week. I was so exited to see that Let’s End Poverty has multiple ways for one […]


I believe that Instagram is such a great community and believe that there are some really great people on it who would be willing to come together to spread the word. One of my bucket list items for this year was to volunteer in some way to help someone in need and I believe that […]


LOVE THIS IDEA!! LEP sounds awesome! I am in full support of any non profit or association that helps others! Thank you for being unselfish people and doing your part in helping those in need!