I am interested in getting involved because I really want to contribute to this great program as well as make a difference. I am very active with my social media and use it to positively affect my followers who are peers at school. Social media truly revolves around everything in our technological society and I believe spreading the word about programs such as ILP, LEP, GoEnnounce, or HelpIntl is very important. Not only is it raising awareness for opportunities to make a difference but it is also posting content that inspires others to make a difference or even join the movement in making a change. Overall, I am most interested in this program because I would love to go on a humanitarian service project. However, I know that such an opportunity only presents itself to those who deserve it. I know based upon my success throughout high school that I will give 100% of my being towards this cause if chosen for the humanitarian project and I look forward to someday reaching this goal. I hope my dedication towards being a social advocate and spreading the word about LEP will help make a difference as well as earn myself an opportunity at making a difference through the humanitarian project. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope I can help you all make a change. 🙂