I am interested in getting involved with this organization because I feel that it is a great cause that should be supported. I have always enjoyed helping the less fortunate, it always makes me feel better about myself and the world I live in when I see people come together and support each other. In spring break of 2015 I got the chance to go down to the Dominican Republic and help volunteer to build a house for an elderly woman named Rosa, her husband had passed away earlier that year, and she was living without the basic necessities of life. She had no electricity or running water, her house was crumbling to the ground. So people got together and helped to build her a new house which included everything she had been living without. After we had finished she was so very grateful for us, she gave us a huge speech about how happy she was that God had shined down upon her and that he may shower down upon each and every one of us as well. The feeling I got from helping this woman was the greatest feeling I have ever experienced, and I have been actively looking since then to find another cause to support in any way I can, and I think I may have found it!