5 Quarters

$2.50 every 2 months

Change making change in the world.

Product Description

One billion of people in the world live on less than $1.25 a day. Think of the last time you blew a dollar on something you didn’t need. Here are some ideas:

  • A $1 Coke at McDonalds
  • Chips from the Vending Machine
  • A Pack of Gum
  • A Candy Bar

We all do it. Why? Because it is only a dollar; it is an insignificant amount of money to us. Imagine only having $1.25 to spend on everything you and your family need to survive: food, clothes, shelter, school supplies for your children, medical care, just to name a few.

So can you skip that Coke? Can you skip that candy bar? Can you get a medium meal instead of a large? Not every time, just once a month.

Sign up to donate $1.25 each month ($2.50 charged every other month to save on transaction fees) and make a real difference in the world.You can pause or cancel your donations at anytime.

Curious how we are using the money? Make sure to check out our 5 Quarters page for more information.